A 1977 Trans Am is automatically a "Bandit Trans Am"? That's what many peoples believe when they see a 1977 black
Trans Am with a golden eagle on the hood and til today they call it Bandit Trans Am but true is GM never ever built a Pontiac
with the name Bandit-Trans-Am!! The car which was used in the S&B movie was a Pontiac Trans Am with the option code "Y-82" better known as "Special Edition"! Was this option code meant we will clarify on this site. We will start with 2 pictures on the left
a regular 1977 black Trans Am and on the right pic a 1977 Trans Am Special Edition.

You can see the difference? The SE option was actually only an optical package with a plenty of gold colored things. The grill
inserts were on a regular T/A black on a SE model gold, the rims were gold colored always only on the SE model and all the pinstrippig on the fenders, hood, roof etc. was only available for the SE models!
For the 1976 LE and early 1977 SE cars the Pontiac arrow on front end and the birds on center caps were red but the 1978 and 1979 SE cars got these items in gold too.

While the regular Trans Ams had the block style lettering got the 1976 Limited Editions and the 1977 Special Editions a lettering
style which was called "german gothic style". In 1978 the SEs had the same lettering like the regular Trans Ams. Now to the
interior. The 1977 Trans Am Special Edition was only available in black and 99% of the cars got black or tan interior but it was
also possible to order red, white or even blue interior.  On a normal Trans Am the dash bezel was silver, the steering wheel
spokes black, the eagle in the horn button and on the shifter red. And on a Special Edition Trans Am of course all these thigs
were gold colored.

Finally i have to say it give many many clones of Special Edition Trans Ams because it's easy to convert a ragular in a SE
Trans Am but it's not to easy to prove you have a real one! At first you can't tell from the VIN whether it's a SE. When you have
luck some has stamped the Y82 code on the cowl data plate but it's very rare and nobody could tell why not all T/A SE have this
code stamped. But for luck Pontiac has a good service called Pontiac historical service. (  http://www.phs-online.com/ ) and when
you order their package you can go 100% safe whether it's a real SE or not. Among others you will get a copy of the original
invoice from factory like mine.